2013 Memorable Moments: Erbenova defends double titles

By Erin Greene | 24 Dec, 2013

When you’re good, you’re good… and you don’t win two World Championship triathlon titles in two separate disciplines unless you’re seriously good. Helena Erbenova did just that this year, which is why she features in our “Best of 2013” moments. 

The Czech athlete made a name for herself last season when she doubled up on world crowns in both winter and cross triathlon in her first season as an ITU registered athlete. She also captured the European Triathlon Championship title in winter triathlon, making her undefeated for the season.

That’s impressive stuff on its own. But it’s even more bona fide when she repeated the feat this year. Erbenova started the year with a second place at the ETU championships, but less than a month later she bounced back to reclaim her winter triathlon gold in a line to line leading performance, winning by a whopping four minutes.

Then in July Erbenova proved she’s just as good in summer as she is in winter when she defended her cross triathlon championship. In The Hague, Erbenova destroyed the competition even more than in her winter triathlon performance, as she biked down stairs and ran across sand to her consecutive world title five minutes faster than the field. Like we said, when you’re good, you’re good and Helena Erbenova is seriously good.

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