How to watch paratriathlon in Rio

By Chelsea White | 06 Sep, 2016

The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games open soon on September 7! In our first appearance in the Paralympic Games, we couldn’t be more pumped to see the debut of the world’s fastest paratriathletes swim, bike and run their way to Paralympic glory. To help you stay up to date with the latest on triathlon, here’s how you can follow the action.

Paratriathlon schedule
Men, Saturday September 10
PT4 – 10am
PT2 – 10:03am
PT1 – 11:20am

Women, Sunday September 11
PT4 – 10am
PT2 – 10:03am
PT5 – 11:35 & 11:38am** Please note this has changed in recent days from 11:20 to 11:35

Broadcast and network streaming
For this edition of the Paralympic Games, the IPC will offer video and live stream coverage during the Games, which can be broken down to live coverage, daily highlights, daily news, athlete interviews & behind the scenes content. Paratriathlon will not be streamed live, but will be included in a 1 hour highlights show at 16:00 and 23:00 each day on

The live stream will be available worldwide on except in the UK, USA, Australia and in America Movil countries. Please check for alternative ways to watch the Paralympics.

Social Media
We’ll be up and running on social media to bring you the latest and greatest at the Paralympics. Here are the important accounts you can’t afford to not follow:
When in doubt, look for @WorldTriathlon. It’s our handle for most of our social media accounts.

Facebook - Live chats with athletes, videos, photos, recaps and more!
Twitter - Stats, graphics, race information, photos & clips
Triathlonlive twitter - Reserved for minute by minute live race action on September 10-11.
Instagram - Spectacular pics & short clips from around Rio!
YouTube - Video features to get you pumped for the Olympics
Pinterest - Training tips, race information, photos, and news from around the globe
Linkedin - News from around the globe on triathlon
Snapchat @worldtriathlon - We’ll be snappin fun pics from the ground. Hurry, don’t want to miss them!

For all things all Paralympics all the time, check out the IPC’s platforms @Paralympics. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat & more!
For the most up to date info from the host themselves, follow @Rio2016, @Rio2016_en & @rio2016_es. Like the IPC, they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat & more.

Join the conversation
Make sure you are using the hashtags #ThisIsTriathlon & #Paratriathlon #Rio2016 #Paralympics to talk Paralympic paratriathlon!

Share your flame
From wherever you are in the world, you can help light the Paralympic flame. Just send your message of support for the Paralympic Games using the hashtag #ParalympicFlame on Twitter. A heat map will show which parts of the planet are sending the most positive energy. Check it out!



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10 - Sep, 2016 • event pageall results
Results: Men's PT1
1. Jetze Plat H2 NED 00:59:31
2. Geert Schipper H2 NED 01:01:30
3. Giovanni Achenza H1 ITA 01:01:45
4. Bill Chaffey H2 AUS 01:03:01
5. Krige Schabort USA 01:03:15
6. Joseph Townsend H2 GBR 01:04:43
7. Fernando Aranha H2 BRA 01:06:51
8. Phil Hogg H1 GBR 01:08:20
9. Nic Beveridge H1 AUS 01:10:35
10. Jumpei Kimura H1 JPN 01:13:42
Results: Men's PT2
1. Andrew Lewis GBR 01:11:49
2. Michele Ferrarin ITA 01:12:30
3. Mohamed Lahna USA 01:12:35
4. Mark Barr USA 01:12:51
5. Stephane Bahier FRA 01:13:30
6. Ryan Taylor GBR 01:14:20
7. Lionel Morales ESP 01:16:43
8. Stefan Loesler GER 01:17:24
9. Giovanni Sasso ITA 01:19:17
10. Brant Garvey AUS 01:19:21
Results: Men's PT4
1. Martin Schulz GER 01:02:37
2. Stefan Daniel CAN 01:03:05
3. Jairo Ruiz Lopez ESP 01:03:14
4. Chris Hammer USA 01:03:43
5. Yannick Bourseaux FRA 01:04:54
6. José Abraham Estrada Sierra MEX 01:05:20
7. George Peasgood GBR 01:06:08
8. Maxime Maurel FRA 01:06:48
9. Péter Boronkay HUN 01:08:38
10. David Hill GBR 01:08:38
Results: Women's PT2
1. Allysa Seely USA 01:22:55
2. Hailey Danz USA 01:23:43
3. Melissa Stockwell USA 01:25:24
4. Liisa Lilja FIN 01:26:01
5. Elise Marc FRA 01:28:27
6. Yukako Hata JPN 01:33:21
7. Shahrzad Kiavash SWE 01:33:45
8. Rakel Mateo Uriarte ESP 01:40:33
Results: Women's PT4
1. Grace Norman USA 01:10:39
2. Lauren Steadman GBR 01:11:43
3. Gwladys Lemoussu FRA 01:14:31
4. Faye Mcclelland GBR 01:15:08
5. Kate Doughty AUS 01:15:50
6. Alisa Kolpakchy UKR 01:18:35
7. Clare Cunningham GBR 01:19:02
8. Chantal Givens CAN 01:19:13
9. Claire Mclean AUS 01:19:46
10. Patricia Collins USA 01:21:08
Results: Women's PT5
1. Katie Kelly B3 AUS 01:12:18
1. Guide: Michellie Jones AUS 01:12:18
2. Alison Peasgood B2 GBR 01:13:20
2. Guide: Hazel Smith GBR 01:13:20
3. Melissa Reid B3 GBR 01:14:07
3. Guide: Nicole Walters GBR 01:14:07
4. Elizabeth Baker B3 USA 01:14:34
4. Guide: Jillian Petersen USA 01:14:34
5. Susana Rodriguez B2 ESP 01:15:29
5. Guide: Maria Isabel Gallardo García ESP 01:15:29
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