Lausanne to serve as ITU headquarters

By Erin Greene | 06 Jan, 2014

ITU today announced its Lausanne office will now serve as the official headquarters for the federation. The change from Vancouver to Lausanne will be made effective as of January 7, 2014 when ITU offices reopen for the year.

“Vancouver has played an important role in the history, with ITU having maintained its headquarters there since its inception nearly 25 years ago. But with the International Olympic Committee and a vast majority of International Federations and organisations located in Lausanne, we believe the best choice for the future of triathlon was to make Lausanne the headquarters,” said ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado.

Vancouver has served as the ITU headquarters since 1989 when the organisation was created. The Madrid office was later opened following Casado’s election as the ITU President and the Lausanne office opened in 2012.

The decision to change the headquarters was voted on and passed by the Executive Board. While the headquarters will officially be located in Lausanne, ITU will continue to maintain its offices in both Vancouver and Madrid. To date, there are no plans for staff personnel to relocate.

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