World Triathlon Madrid Athlete Press Conference

By Erin Greene | 30 May, 2013
We catch up with our TV analysts Barrie, Mark & Kris as they give us their race insight into Round 4 of the WTS

Ahead of the midway point in the 2013 World Triathlon Series in Madrid, athletes took time out on Thursday to speak with media on their seasons to date, race plans, and the ever evolving speed of the WTS circuit. Check out what they had to say below.

Javier Gomez (ESP)
On the Madrid race
“It’s great to race at home. I have been doing this race since 2004, and I think the only year I wasn’t able to race was last year because I was sick. We are all very motivated to race here with the support of the Spanish crowds. I don’t know really know what to expect this weekend. I have maybe done too many races so far this year, but we’ll see. I’m looking forward to the pain of the hills.”

On the strong Spanish team
“It’s been great to see Mario (Mola) grow up in this sport. From a junior we could see he was a great athlete. He’s one of the best triathletes in the world. He is going to be a tough rival on Sunday. I hope he has a good race, as well as all the other Spanish athletes. Many of them have really serious options to make the top 10. It’s a pleasure to compete with such a strong Spanish team this year.”

Anne Haug (GER)
On her strong season start
“Yea, I did the two races in Auckland and San Diego and then had a little bit of a break. So this is a good race to come back in and see what happens. I was back home in Germany and the weather was not that optional to train. But I’m looking forward to the race, especially hills.”

On the evolution of the women’s run speed
“I mean, it’s massively different. Last year’s runs were quite quick as well, but this year with Gwen and Non Stanford coming to the races, you have run constantly 33 minutes, otherwise you are not on the podium anymore. Even in Yokohama, when it’s completely flat, you have to run under 33 minutes. I think it’s a massive change now, you have to be fit on the run to win anything.”

Jonathan Brownlee(GBR)
On the Madrid course
“It’s a great course, a pure triathlon course, which I really like it. It’s normally a fast swim and maybe eight or ten people getting away on bike, which is how I won it last year and hopefully happen again this year.

“It’s important in this course you save energy when you can. But the best tactic in this race is to go as hard as you can from the start to the end.”

On Madrid bidding for the Olympics
“I was lucky enough to compete in front of a home crowd in London. It inspires triathletes to want to compete. Maybe Javi will still be here and can do that. It’s incredible to do that, to compete in front of a home crowd. Madrid is a good course, so if Madrid could get Olympic Games it’d be great. I’m not sure if I’ll be there, but we’ll see.”

On racing without his brother
“Alistair and I keep avoiding each other. It’s a shame he couldn’t do this race. He loves racing here. He found it difficult to pull out because it is one of his favourite courses. He likes to race like me, he likes to push the swim and the bike. If you want a small group to get away, having Alistair here would have helped that. But I won last year without him being here. Sometimes it’s better because I don’t have my big brother shouting at me on the bike.” 

Ainhoa Murua (ESP)
On competing in her first WTS race of the year
“It’s a little uncomfortable, this being my first World Triathlon Series of the year. I haven’t competed with these great athletes yet. I was in Banyoles where I had a good race, better than I thought I would. I think that I can do a bit better, but there’s a strong group competing.”

On the competition
“I would say in these first few races, we’ve seen athletes like Jorgensen and Anne (Haug) run really fast. I don’t know how fast the bike will be. Andrea Hewitt has also had good races here in Madrid. But there are always surprises in these races.”

>Mario Mola (ESP)
On his season to date
“The beginning of the year was great. I had an important year of training. It’s great to compete well at the beginning or end of the season, but you need to compete at that level all year round. I had a good winter of training, so I am confident. The swim will probably be really fast. There’s a good chance there will be a group in front and we will have to work to get there and will have to run fast. With these guys, we have to run fast.”

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01 - Jun, 2013 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Jonathan Brownlee GBR 01:50:42
2. Javier Gomez Noya ESP 01:51:32
3. Ivan Vasiliev RUS 01:52:02
4. Mario Mola ESP 01:52:12
5. Alessandro Fabian ITA 01:52:19
6. Richard Murray RSA 01:52:27
7. Laurent Vidal FRA 01:52:32
8. Aaron Royle AUS 01:52:42
9. Joao Pereira POR 01:52:48
10. Franz Loeschke GER 01:53:11
Results: Elite Women
1. Non Stanford GBR 02:04:39
2. Anne Haug GER 02:05:05
3. Jodie Stimpson GBR 02:05:14
4. Gwen Jorgensen USA 02:05:44
5. Felicity Abram AUS 02:05:54
6. Juri Ide JPN 02:06:16
7. Sarah True USA 02:06:26
8. Anja Knapp GER 02:06:32
9. Danne Boterenbrood NED 02:06:35
10. Jessica Harrison FRA 02:06:42