Marianne Hüche: Striving for greatness at #Fyn2018

By Courtney Akrigg | 04 Jul, 2018

When it comes to harnessing fierce determination, worldly passion for multisport with the desire to race, Danish paratriathlete Marianne Hüche has it all and more. Hüche is having a remarkable season and remains incredibly proud and humble to have the 2018 FYNSKE BANK Multisport World Championships Fyn hosted in Denmark, presenting her with a welcoming home crowd advantage.

“I do not think I have ever been more motivated for an event and that says a lot. The fact that the multisport festival is in my home country definitely gives the motivation an extremely big extra boost,” exclaimed Hüche.

Hüche was involved in a tragic accident in early 1990 resulting in a severe spinal cord injury and becoming paralysed. Hüche turned her life around in 2009, striving for greatness, aiming high, progressing each day and defying medical odds.

“I started with running and then added cycling without even knowing if I could with a paralysed left side. I ran my first marathon shortly after. When I started the training I had “forgotten” the fact that I could not swim.

“I love triathlon as it requires me to master three different disciplines and I can feel what is does to my body and mind.” Hüche sets an intention and there is no backing down. No challenge is too great to overcome. “The essence of what I do is to be more than what I was yesterday.”

The Danish paratriathlete heads into the World Championships with a strong season under her race belt, setting her main goal to be the first paratriathlete in history to be crowned with the ‘Multisport Legend’ title, earnt by completing the duathlon, cross triathlon, aquathlon and the showcase long distance triathlon.

“I feel stronger and better than ever and am ready to race.” If Hüche is successful in claiming the gold, in the long distance triathlon on July 13, it will be her fourth consecutive title in this standout event. “The ambitions are high and it is hard work to fulfil them - but aiming for second place is not an option,” stated Hüche.

When questioned about how the Danes will support the world class competitors across the festival, Hüche sincerely remarked that the Danish crowds are something special. “Denmark is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, especially in the summertime. All the athletes will experience the best of it. When there is a race the Danes see it as an opportunity to make a party in the streets cheering for the athletes.”

“I participated in the test rides of the course in July last year and several times during these fantastic sunny days I was so touched by the thought that athletes from all over the world would come this year and have the same fantastic impression of my beautiful country.”

On top of her will to live, zest for life and motivation to succeed at the highest level, it’s the spirit of the triathlon community that touches Hüche wherever she travels in the world.
“There is a very special spirit, mutual understanding and support between triathletes that I have never experienced in any other sport.”

“Success is not necessarily winning the gold medal every time, success deserves to be celebrated no matter if it is big or small because success is setting yourself a goal and achieving it. It is saying: I can and I will …and then do it!”

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