One month left for the Pontevedra ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup

By World Triathlon Admin | 27 Apr, 2009

We have only one month left to go for the II Pontevedra ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup, which will take place on Sunday, 17 May, and will enjoy the presence of some of the world’s top triathletes. The organisers are hoping to bring about the success achieved last year, and the large presence of supporters, who came in large numbers despite the weather. The women’s race will start at 9:30 and the men’s race, at 12:15

The participants will face 1.5 km swimming in the Pontevedra Lérez Ría, 40 km cycling and 10 km running. The event has been organised by the FEGATRI (The Galician Triathlon Federation) together with the ETU (European Triathlon Union), the FETRI (Spanish Triathlon Federation), the General Sports Council of the Galician Autonomous Government and the Pontevedra Town Council.

At the official presentation of the competition on 22 January 2009, the following people attended, among others: Javier Gómez Noya, current world triathlon champion; Miguel Anxo Fernández, Mayor of Pontevedra; José Hidalgo, FETRI president, and Francisco Villanueva, FEGATRI president.

Gómez Noya, the 2008 Pontevedra winner, is almost certain to participate. Besides this triathlete from Ferrol, Galicia, other top Spanish triathletes will be at the take-off line.

The competition will be broadcast live through the FETRI web (, and will include on-line comments and classifications in real time.

The official web page for the competition, where you will be able to find all the data pertaining to the event, is available (                                                     

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17 May, 2009 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Dmitry Polyanskiy RUS 01:45:12
2. Javier Gomez Noya ESP 01:45:16
3. Sven Riederer SUI 01:45:28
4. Yulian Malyshev RUS 01:45:46
5. Thomas Springer AUT 01:46:10
6. Vincent Luis FRA 01:46:52
7. Ivan Tutukin RUS 01:46:54
8. Aurelien Raphael FRA 01:47:04
9. Michael Raelert GER 01:47:28
10. Joao Pereira POR 01:47:38
Results: Elite Women
1. Radka Vodickova CZE 02:00:36
2. Svenja Bazlen GER 02:01:00
3. Olga Dmitrieva RUS 02:01:06
4. Anais Verguet-Moniz POR 02:01:43
5. Alena Stawczynski GER 02:02:34
6. Line Jensen DEN 02:02:58
7. Rebecca Robisch GER 02:03:15
8. Inna Tutukina RUS 02:03:56
9. Olesya Prystayko UKR 02:04:14
10. Maria Pujol ESP 02:04:24
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