Sergio Silva captures first Duathlon World Championships

By Erin Greene | 24 Sep, 2011

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Sergio Silva captures World Duathlon title

The elite men enjoyed similar weather conditions as their female counterparts while they vied for a world title at the 2011 Gijon ITU Duathlon World Championships. However, the men’s race saw a much less predictable finish, as each discipline hosted a new group of leaders.

While Sergio Silva (POR) won the men’s title by nearly five seconds, his position on the medal stand was uncertain for the majority of the race. A strong runner, he emerged with a slight lead following the first transition.

However, Silva, far less competitive on the bike than his feet, quickly fell out of the lead pack. Instead, he rode with a massive chase group of nearly 30 athletes that continued to lose time on the leaders throughout the race.

Meanwhile, Roger Roca Dalmau (ESP) surged to the front of the bike, followed by teammate Victor Manuel del Corral Morales (ESP). Together, the men battled with Richard Hobby (GBR), opening up more than a minute of time between themselves and the competition.

Etienne Diemunsch (FRA), competing in the U23 division, joined the lead pack and helped push the pace even further ahead of the sizeable chase group. By the time the men entered the second transition, they owned an 80-second lead.

Frenchman Diemunsch initiated an incredible transition, and ran off to demolish the elite competition by nearly 45 seconds to easily win the U23 category.

Behind him, Roca and Corral were trying to hold off Silva, who had recovered almost 50 seconds on the first lap of the final run. Down just 19 seconds with one lap to go, Silva was unstoppable.

“There were many attacks on the bike, but we couldn’t catch up,” Silva said. “I had to run very fast to make the podium. I felt very strong and knew I could make it if I ran fast.”

He pulled even with the Spaniards quickly outside of the first lap and blew by them in the final two kilometers. Silva slid past the finish line in 1:51:18 to capture the world championship title, while Roca was second in 1:51:23. Corral was third in 1:51:29.

“I’m very happy,” Roca said. “I always do well here in Gijon. It’s my lucky city.”

“It is difficult to combine duathlon with triathlon cross country, and short distances with long, but I’m happy with my performance,” said Corral.  “I think it was a good year as a whole. I have had two podiums in Europe with Duathlon and European Triathlon Cross Championships, and now third in the Duathlon World Championship.”

Junior Men
The men’s junior race was a game of cat and mouse in a herd of athletes. Nearly 14 men ran and biked together through the first two legs of the two-discpline sport. After completing the first run, a large group of 17 men transitioned to the bike together, headed by Michael Pienaar (RSA).

With only a few falling off, the lead group rode together throughout the four laps, which included five Spaniards and three Italians. Everything came down to the run. Italy’s Matthias Steinwandter executed a speedy transition to get a head start on the run. With just 2.5 km to run, nobody could catch Steinwandter, who secured the world championship title in 56:31.

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24 - Sep, 2011 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Katie Hewison GBR 02:02:45
2. Jenny Schulz GER 02:02:47
3. Sandra Levenez FRA 02:02:54
4. Stefanie Bouma NED 02:03:29
5. Ainhoa Murua Zubizarreta ESP 02:03:47
6. Ana Burgos Acuña ESP 02:04:02
7. Ruth Van Der Meijden NED 02:04:23
8. Sabrina Monmarteau FRA 02:05:24
9. Nicole Laselle USA 02:05:31
10. Alexandra Tondeur BEL 02:08:04
Results: Elite Men
1. Roger Roca Dalmau ESP 01:51:22
2. Victor Manuel Del Corral Morales ESP 01:51:29
3. Benoit Nicolas FRA 01:51:30
4. Sergey Yakovlev RUS 01:51:35
5. Matt Russell USA 01:51:36
6. Richard Hobby GBR 01:51:45
7. Philip Wylie GBR 01:51:47
8. Alessio Picco ITA 01:52:06
9. Ilia Mazhukin RUS 01:52:12
10. Nicolas D'Harveng BEL 01:52:23
Results: U23 Women
1. Alexandra Cassan Ferrier FRA 02:05:43
2. Sofie Hooghe BEL 02:09:24
3. Arina Shulgina KAZ 02:13:32
4. María Ortega De Miguel ESP 02:14:17
5. Ami Haishima JPN 02:14:53
6. Tomomi Kurihara JPN 02:24:01
DNF. Alice Capone ITA 00:00:00
DNF. Elena Danilova RUS 00:00:00
DNF. Nelmare Loubser RSA 00:00:00
DNF. Thays Dos Santos BRA 00:00:00
Results: U23 Men
1. Etienne Diemunsch FRA 01:50:36
2. Matthew Gunby GBR 01:51:40
3. Miguel Arraiolos POR 01:51:51
4. Fernando Alarza ESP 01:51:54
5. Miguel Angel Fidalgo ESP 01:52:28
6. Jesus Gomar GEO 01:52:32
7. Maciej Kubiak POL 01:52:50
8. Tim Van Hemel BEL 01:53:01
9. Uxio Abuin Ares ESP 01:56:06
10. José Estrangeiro POR 01:56:56
Results: Junior Women
1. Jocelyn Daniely Brea Abreu ESP 01:03:12
2. Elena Maria Petrini ITA 01:03:37
3. Melina Alonso Aradas ESP 01:03:51
4. Georgina Schwiening GBR 01:04:07
5. Aleksandra Antkiewicz POL 01:04:31
6. Rita Lopes POR 01:04:32
7. Laura Gomez Ramon ESP 01:04:37
8. Xisca Tous ESP 01:04:45
9. Ana Paula Huerta MEX 01:04:45
10. Liis-Grete Arro EST 01:05:00
Results: Junior Men
1. Matthias Steinwandter ITA 00:56:31
2. David Mendoza MEX 00:56:36
3. David Castro Fajardo ESP 00:56:36
4. Nan Oliveras ESP 00:56:38
5. Delian Stateff ITA 00:56:42
6. Rodolphe Von Berg USA 00:56:49
7. Michael Pienaar RSA 00:56:55
8. Rhys Park GBR 00:56:59
9. Anton Melnikov RUS 00:57:06
10. Antonio Benito Lopez ESP 00:57:09
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