The Winner is Ferraro

By World Triathlon Admin | 21 May, 2007

An Italian athlete highest on the podium in Sanremo. An exceptional result, a dream become reality thanks to Giuseppe Ferraro. Despite surgery on his Achilles tendons, last winter he trained hard as a cyclist together with the other national team athletes, in Argentina and Tuscany.

Giuseppe Ferraro reaches the finish line at the ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup in Sanremo, raises his arms in victory and gives Dr. Sergio Migliorini a big hug. I must thank him as well as Fabio Vedana, who assisted me in my training and preparation. During the swim portion I managed to swim back to the front group. In the first lap of the cycling portion I suffered, then I decided to move to the front to avoid risks downhill. During the run portion I just tried. Its wonderful!.

The whole race was beautiful.
After the 1500 mt swim, a group of about 70 athletes reach the transition area. Krell, Molnar, Ceccarelli, Risti, Sudrie, Casadei and Gavattella hold the leading positions. On the first downhill the French athlete Sylvain Sudrie move into first position. At the end of the first lap he gains 30 seconds on the main group. At the end of the cycling portion he has a 57 second advantage over the chase pack.

The final 10 km are full of emotion. After the first 3 km of running, Ferraro, Hauss and Elvery erase the gap. At the end of the race Ferraro finishes in first position with the best run time (3204).

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Results: Elite Men
1. Giuseppe Ferraro ITA 01:58:51
2. James Elvery NZL 01:59:58
3. David Hauss FRA 02:00:06
4. Boris Dessenoix FRA 02:00:15
5. Zvonko Cubric CRO 02:00:18
6. Fabio Guidelli ITA 02:00:35
7. Martin Pejsar CZE 02:00:43
8. Jan Van Berkel SUI 02:00:49
9. Cedric Primault FRA 02:00:52
10. Alberto Casadei ITA 02:00:55
Results: Elite Women
1. Lenka Zemanova CZE 02:17:21
2. Jeanne Collonge FRA 02:18:12
3. Lisa Hütthaler AUT 02:18:27
4. Rosie Clarke GBR 02:19:18
5. Taryn Mcleod NZL 02:19:47
6. Kaisa Lehtonen FIN 02:20:26
7. Céline Rositano BEL 02:20:46
8. Helle Frederiksen DEN 02:20:49
9. Tamara Toubazis SUI 02:21:55
10. Nicole Hofer SUI 02:22:09
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