Ben Gathercole leads training camp for Pacific Island athletes and coaches

By Doug Gray | 13 Nov, 2019

Last week was a big one for the Pacific Island triathletes and their coaches from Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Tahiti, as they experienced a training camp environment led by Ben Gathercole from Australia ahead of the Pacific Islands Triathlon Championship (PITC) in Papeete, Tahiti.

The athletes had an opportunity to access training facilities including the swimming pool and velodrome that are not part of their typical daily training environments. As well as the daily training sessions focusing on skills and technical development in swim, bike, run, coach Gathercole introduced new approaches in the learning processes, such as self-reflection and pre-race meditation. The latter helped to calm and focus mind and body before the race, release unwanted tension and anxiety and visualise a successful outcome. 

The camp has been part of the development projects of the Oceania Triathlon Union granted by the International Triathlon Union. Special thanks to Kari Lee Armour-Lazzari from Tahiti who has done an excellent job of on-the-ground management to make this project happen.

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09 - Nov, 2019 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Benjamin Zorgnotti TAH 00:59:52
2. Matahiarii Bodin TAH 01:09:51
3. Rhys Cheer FIJ 01:10:42
4. Hugo Saliou TAH 01:13:36
5. Tony Ezmiro TAH 01:16:41
6. Andrew Lapuka TGA 01:18:06
7. Enzo Mancel TAH 01:19:51
8. Teva Feidt TAH 01:21:04
9. Wilson Erasito FIJ 01:24:24
10. Teofilo Molioo SAM 01:25:17
Results: Elite Women
1. Kyara Armour-Lazzari TAH 01:12:48
2. Guenaelle Rauby TAH 01:16:16
3. Puameama Tevenino TAH 01:20:24
4. Violani Afoa SAM 01:37:25
Results: Rankings Only Female
NC. Violani Afoa SAM 00:00:00
Results: Rankings Only Male
NC. Rhys Cheer FIJ 00:00:00
NC. Andrew Lapuka TGA 00:00:00
NC. Wilson Erasito FIJ 00:00:00
NC. Teofilo Molioo SAM 00:00:00