ITU Technical Education continues to grow in 2011

By Merryn Sherwood | 21 Dec, 2011

The statistics of the ITU Technical Education programme show that the sports development is in safe hands, as the programme’s reach continued to grow in 2011.

Overall since 2009, when the ITU technical education programme was restructured, there has been double the number of technical courses and as a result, a 50 per cent increase in the participation. This year a total of 383 participants took part in 26 courses held in 21 different host countries. Facilitator courses also boosted the technical education programme, as well as the strict criteria in place for those attending the courses since 2010. This explains the reduced number of Level 2 Participants, but at the same time, the numbers of Community Level and Level 1 course have increased.

Since 2009, 162 technical officials have successfully attended the Level 2 course, and have now become the core group of officials who are assigned as Technical Delegates at each ITU events. In 2011, the Level 3 course was introduced and at this stage Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania have certified their Level 3 officials. Next year the same programme will target the Americas.

The Paratriathlon courses are still under a restructure process, particularly with the expected changes in the classification system.

See below for a breakdown of participation and courses held in each continential federation.

For more information on technical education, please click here and here.



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