Paraduathlon a gold rush for Aussies in Adelaide

By ITU | 18 Oct, 2015

The Paraduathlon was a gold rush for the home nation with six of eight gold medals staying in Australia at the 2015 Adelaide ITU Duathlon World Championships.

Today’s winners included Sarah Tait (AUS) – FPT1; Alex Welsh (AUS) – MPT1; Alessandro Carvani Minetti (ITA) – MPT2; Sally Pilbeam (AUS) – FPT3; Fiona Southorn (NZL) – FPT4; Tony Scoleri (AUS) – MPT4; Casey Hyde (AUS) –FPT5; and Jonathon Goerlach (AUS) – MPT5.

The first medal’s decided was the men’s PT5 with Aussie athlete Jonathon Georlach (and guide Jack Bigmore) grabbing the gold in a close fought race with Amaud Grandjean (FRA) with Daniel Searle (AUS) picking up the bronze.

“My run is my strength and it really played into our favour in a duathlon. The French really pushed us on the run and kept us honest on the bike. We had to push the whole way.”

“We gain our advantage from our guides on the bike, they can’t drag us in the run or in the swim of the triathlon. Jack really left it all out there on the bike and unusually was hurting on the run but we had a good enough lead out there and managed to hold them off and enjoy the victory coming down the finish chute.”

“I have only been in the sport a few years and Jack is similar but the guys I am racing against around the world have much more condition and experience than me. I am on a steep learning curve to catch up.”

“When I started triathlon I hadn’t learned to swim, so I had a challenge within a challenge to become a good swimmer, so I could give myself further opportunities.”

“It is disappointing that we aren’t on the program for Rio 2016 but on the positives it gives me another four years to get that swim right. I am 33 and I am still learning every day. I will just keep training and follow the processes laid down by my coach Corey Bacon and come Tokyo 2020 we will be ripping and raring to go,” Jonathon said.

Files by Noel McMahon

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17 - Oct, 2015 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Emilio Martin ESP 01:47:11
2. Benoit Nicolas FRA 01:47:19
3. Mark Buckingham GBR 01:48:09
4. Rob Woestenborghs BEL 01:48:35
5. Yohan Le Berre FRA 01:48:47
6. Matthew McElroy USA 01:49:39
7. Philip Wylie GBR 01:50:23
8. Dylan Evans AUS 01:50:28
9. Tadashi Mori JPN 01:50:31
10. Jose Luis Cordova MEX 01:50:32
Results: Elite Women
1. Emma Pallant GBR 01:58:21
2. Ai Ueda JPN 01:58:51
3. Sandra Levenez FRA 01:59:24
4. Gillian Backhouse AUS 02:00:07
5. Chelsea Burns USA 02:01:20
6. Courtney Gilfillan AUS 02:01:33
7. Yuko Takahashi JPN 02:02:29
8. Sarah Crowley AUS 02:05:50
9. Annelise Jefferies AUS 02:05:51
10. Giorgia Priarone ITA 02:06:20
Results: U23 Men
1. Matthew McElroy USA 01:49:39
2. Dylan Evans AUS 01:50:28
3. Adam Rudgley AUS 01:50:51
4. David Nuñez MEX 01:51:41
5. Yuto Nemoto JPN 01:53:18
6. Max Neumann AUS 01:59:37
7. Yusuke Nakamura JPN 02:12:08
LAP. Pieter Mong RSA LAP
LAP. Yasuhiro Horiuchi JPN LAP
DNF. Jan Petralia BEL DNF
Results: U23 Women
1. Annelise Jefferies AUS 02:05:50
2. Giorgia Priarone ITA 02:06:20
3. Yukino Ando JPN 02:17:22
Results: Junior Men
1. Ben Dijkstra GBR 00:53:12
2. Luke Willian AUS 00:53:24
3. Daniel Canala AUS 00:53:34
4. Christian Wilson AUS 00:53:50
5. Juan Enrique Verdiguel Velázquez MEX 00:54:59
6. Jimmy Kershaw GBR 00:55:03
7. Nicholas Free AUS 00:55:08
8. Nathan Le Roux RSA 00:55:29
9. Kurt Wesley AUS 00:55:58
10. Trent Dodds NZL 00:56:37
Results: Junior Women
1. Gizelde Strauss RSA 01:02:05
2. Katherine Badham NZL 01:02:25
3. Sayu Arizono JPN 01:02:29
4. Savannah Wayner AUS 01:03:00
5. Kaitlyn Price NZL 01:04:13
6. Fern Davies AUS 01:06:05
7. Lily Clapham AUS 01:10:33
DNF. Mizan Viljoen RSA DNF
DNF. Tegan Scott AUS DNF