Reigning Cross Tri World Champs return for title

By Erin Greene | 15 Nov, 2016

Reigning ITU World Champion Flora Duffy (BER) turns to her attention to cross triathlon this weekend as she hunts for her second ITU world title in two months, and her second consecutive Cross Triathlon World Title. In the men’s race, two-time ITU Cross Triathlon World Champ Ruben Ruzafa (ESP) is back to try for a triple crown at the 2016 Snowy Mountains ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships over a 1.5km swim, 32.8km mountain bike and 10km cross country run.

Women’s Preview

Duffy enters the Lake Crackenback race as the heavy favorite, having won the event last year and having finished with silver in 2014. Not to mention Duffy pulled out all-star performances across the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Series that amassed to an ITU World Championship title. The Bermuda star also is fresh off a win in the Xterra World Championships, which was her third straight Xterra world victory.

Fellow ITU triathlon racers Charlotte McShane (AUS) and Barbara Riveros (CHI) will offer up a challenge to Duffy, with the added advantage of knowing Duffy’s strengths from having raced her all year. Riveros finished second to Duffy last year, and recorded a top five finish at the Olympics this year.

While she hasn’t delved in the discipline often, McShane found early success in cross triathlon as the 2008 U23 Xterra World Champion. Having just racked her highest finish ever in a WTS, McShane appears more on point than ever.

However, the traditional triathletes will have to go up against Jacqueline Slack (GBR), who is far more experienced in racing the cross terrain events. Slack worked her way to a career-high fourth-place finish last year and will no doubt be hungry for a podium. Slack and Olympic bronze medallist Erin Densham (AUS), who is also featured on the start list, have the added advantage of having raced the course last year.

Women’s start list

Men’s Preview
Spain’s Ruzafa is looking to score his third consecutive ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship title in the Snowy Mountains. In the last three years, Ruzafa has never finished off the podium at the World Championship race. He also appears to be in strong form having finished second at the Xterra World Championships.

Kiwi Sam Osborne, who clocked a top three performance in 2015, is back looking for the elusive gold or silver to add to his hardware collection. Australian Ben Allen will also make an attempt for the podium after a fifth-place finish last year. However, he’ll have to keep Rom Akerson (CRC) from scorching past him on the run, like Akerson did in Italy last autumn.

Also keep an eye on the young but formidable Emil Stoynev, who finished second in the men’s U23 Cross Triathlon world Champs in 2015 and 12th overall.

Men’s start list

Racing gets underway on Friday with the women’s Age Group World Championships. The elite men and women will take off on Saturday at 2:30pm, with the men’s Age Group World Championships held early in the morning. The Junior and Paratriathlon races will be held on Sunday.

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18 - Nov, 2016 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Ruben Ruzafa ESP 02:34:25
2. Josiah Middaugh USA 02:37:43
3. Braden Currie NZL 02:38:14
4. Brice Daubord FRA 02:40:12
5. Ben Allen AUS 02:40:49
6. Rom Akerson CRC 02:43:03
7. Sam Osborne NZL 02:44:40
8. Oliver Shaw NZL 02:44:47
9. Branden Rakita USA 02:47:45
10. Brian Smith USA 02:47:53
Results: Elite Women
1. Flora Duffy BER 02:54:11
2. Barbara Riveros CHI 02:58:05
3. Suzanne Snyder USA 03:05:45
4. Charlotte McShane AUS 03:08:13
5. Myriam Guillot Boisset FRA 03:10:39
6. Elizabeth Orchard NZL 03:13:41
7. Jacqueline Slack GBR 03:14:14
8. Catherine Sterling USA 03:15:36
9. Jessica Simpson AUS 03:17:25
10. Renata Bucher SUI 03:23:26
Results: U23 Men
1. Brad Matthew Edwards RSA 02:48:22
2. Max Neumann AUS 02:48:56
3. Dominik Wychera AUT 02:54:04
4. Charl-Stephan Nienaber RSA 02:54:42
5. Aidan Nugent RSA 02:57:04
6. Mark Hamersma NED 02:59:04
DNF. Aiden Dunster NZL DNF
DNF. Maximilian Saßerath GER DNF
Results: U23 Women
1. Aneta Grabmullerova CZE 03:34:20
2. Anna Pauline Saßerath GER 03:45:08
Results: Junior Men
1. Michael Ferreira RSA 00:59:47
2. Dean Cane AUS 01:01:02
3. Sixto Vaquero ESP 01:02:33
4. Herbert Peters NAM 01:03:16
5. Tom Fisher AUS 01:04:04
6. Ondrej Petiska CZE 01:04:52
7. Stephen Kennealy RSA 01:05:43
8. Declan Jeffery AUS 01:05:52
9. Lukas Pekarek CZE 01:08:16
10. Callum Kingston AUS 01:09:23
Results: Junior Women
1. Laura May AUS 01:13:20
2. Mikaela Jonsson RSA 01:14:17
3. Georgia Silvestri AUS 01:21:28
4. Victoria Vaquero Florez ESP 01:25:29
5. Emily King AUS 01:28:55
DNF. Olivia Nendick AUS DNF
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