This is my race, by Iván Raña

By World Triathlon Admin | 09 May, 2006

Madrid is my favourite race. Used to running everywhere in the world, I find it a pleasure to hear the shouts of encouragement in my mother-tongue: I’m at home and this is one more point in my favour!

In the swimming, the secret is at the start and in the first turn. It is a short circuit and getting well placed at the start is very important. You have to avoid getting hit.

The cycle circuit is very good, including the eight sharp ascents to the cable railway, where the public makes you vibrate each time and where you have to control the urgency so much encouragement transmits in order not to expend your energy too soon. The ground is perfect for both the spectacle and the breakaways. It is necessary to be strong on the bike in order to be able to run after such a “leg-shattering” experience.

As for the foot-race, although the land is a bit flat for my liking, the heat will make the race even harder. It will be very high-level and will be greatly contested right to the end. I hope to be able to fight to make my dream come true of being there till the end to try and win with my public.

Iván Raña
Triathlon World Champion 2002 and European Champion in 2002 and 2003